China Zoomers …Tomorrow Today

China used to talk mainly to itself. Now it speaks to the world.

Generation Z: Changing of the Guard.

What will actually happen if this Generation Z is not really interested in getting engaged?

China has the numbers, the infrastructure and the dynamics. It could be a preview of the future.

254 million Gen Z. with a disposable income of 600 USD/month.

This means that there is an underlying rebalancing of population and youth spending power from the West towards the East.

Much of our current marketing “wisdom” was written in the 50s and 60s.

China Gen Z is creating the new global youth culture.

China Gen Z. Redefining the entire marketing base.

Barry Tan on

China Gen Z and technology. Is it exaggerated?

Gen Z is living the metaverse today. A benchmark for all of us?

85% of Chinese Gen Z declare that they are not being fooled by brand messaging, KOLs and influencer, direct or indirect marketing. Yet, at the same time, they are the users, viewers and followers of the above!

Backlash: the Lie Down Movement.

Wether an opportunity or a threat, reluctantly or enthusiastically, the China Zoomers are fully plugged in.



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